Doris Pharmaceuticals is engaged in the procurement and development of novel eary-stage pharmaceutical agents for CNS diseases and novel oncology products.

Focusing on Asia and Japan, Doris Pharmaceuticals aims to evaluate and acquire the rights for innovative compounds that show promise to obtain market authorization.

The company is currently doing due diligence on a number of early-stage compounds for Japan and Asian markets.

The company is also involved in the following activities:

  • To find clinical development partners for clinical development in the regions where it holds intellectual property rights.

  • To obtain venture capital funding for licensing-in and clinical development activities.

  • To provide other pharmaceutical companies with expertise in evaluating compounds.

  • To provide pharmaceutical and biotech companies with business, regulatory, and clinical development information and consultation to help with their success in the Asian markets.


The name Doris comes from a brave woman named Doris Aminoff, who along with her family, made a daring escape from Uzbekistan to the United States during the Bolshevik revolution in 1918. The name represents a calculated but bold risk to create a better future. This is the foundation that Doris Pharmaceuticals is based on.

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